QI Tools


There are many quality improvement tools available, of which some are specific to health promotion activities. Quality Action offers a selection of five practical tools adapted or developed for HIV prevention to suit a wide range of projects and programmes. They are based on scientific evidence, practical experience and expert advice. All five tools encourage self-reflection and participation as important prerequisites for creating a culture of quality improvement. The tools themselves are complemented by the Tool Selection Guide, the Workshop Facilitation Guide, the training materials and the online learning resources also available on this site.

Criteria used to select and develop the tools offered by Quality Action:

  • Knowledge based – on published research or documented best practice;
  • Evaluated – documented evaluations proving that the tool works;
  • Suitable for HIV Health Promotion and Prevention – key elements and common concepts and language of the international HIV response integrated;
  • Practical and user-friendly format

For more background on the tools selected for Quality Action, download the rationale for tool selection here.

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This website is part of the Joint Action on Improving Quality in HIV Prevention (Quality Action), which has received funding from the European Union within the framework of the Health Programme.

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