Sign the Charter

The Charter for Quality in HIV Prevention offers us the opportunity to show our support for shared principles and quality criteria in HIV prevention. As signatories, we take action to progressively integrate structured quality improvement activities at the programme/project, organisational and policy levels. Please select from the options below to become a signatory. You can also include examples of the quality improvement work you are doing.

Recent signers:

Niall Mulligan, HIV Ireland (IE)

Chiotan Cristina, EuroHealthNet (BE)

Matthias Wentzlaff-Eggebert, HIV/Hepatitis/STI Programs and NGO Management Consultant (DE)

Danica Staneková, NRC for HIV/AIDS prevention at Slovak Medical University (SK)

Helene Reemann, BZgA (DE)

Christiana Noestlinger, Institute of Tropical Medicine (BE)


Anna Gallinat, EuroHealthNet (BE)

Ursula von Rueden, Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) (DE)

Jeffrey Lazarus, Centre for Health and Infectious Disease Research, CHIP (DK)

Jasmina Pavlic, Croatian Institute of Public Health (HR)

Deirdre Seery, The Sexual Health Centre (IE)

Iveta Chovancová, C.A. Odyseus (SK)

JimmiNi, sYYmsCxDhwDcPNLVY (TF)

JimmiNi, BHRgqfMQqJlPGn (AD)

JimmiNi, VgpWcmrTIEdHCYbPvr (KP)

JimmiNu, kwHwkliLpytXpTM (PG)

Barnypok, cEEjuVJNKNIbPSO (MF)

JimmiXzSq, iHVqijVJQOLZi (PG)

JimmiXzSq, KlhWBiQymaVHmzwLTjw (SI)

Tibor Vyslocký, Slovak Red Cross (SK)

Barnypok, IoODRHBICsPLKsK (CA)

GoldenTabs, PcctHEYObCvJIyXzLoa (AQ)

GoldenTabs, OjumExRgjtGZooWf (KY)

Barneyxcq, AAKPjqQvcXXBFYB (FM)

Barneyxcq, AyvexOykByESK (VU)

Barneyxcq, dPhIsugegEyixuWvorr (MH)

Barneyxcq, DbCRQCFByPJlEb (NO)

Michał Pawlęga, Społeczny Komitet ds. AIDS (PL)

Michał Pawlęga, Social AIDS Committee (PL)

Nia Dunbar, ReShape & International HIV Partnerships (IHP) (GB)

João Roxo, GAT Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos (PT)

So far, 26 people have signed the charter, for 44 organisations in 34 countries.

Further information about the EU Health Programme from DG SANCO can be found here.

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